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Our Diabetes Specialist (diabetologist) will help you actively manage Type 1 and Type 2 Adult Diabetes. As a result, we provide high-quality healthcare to stay healthy over time. Therefore, you can access various tools to monitor and manage your condition.

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Partner with a trusted doctor for general health needs. Get treatment for chronic and acute illnesses and injuries. At Diabetes Life & General Practitioner, we provide care for the entire family at every stage of life.

Discovery Health Diabetes Care Programme

Diabetes Care Programme

The Diabetes Care Programme, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you actively manage your diabetes. It will help identify the steps you should take to manage your condition and stay healthy. You and your GP can track your progress on a personalised dashboard displaying your unique Diabetes Management Score. In addition, you can get cover for healthcare providers like dietitians.

Compassionate care for the whole family

Dr Nadia M Joubert


Dr Nadia M Joubert completed her studies at The University of Pretoria in 2006 and did two years of internship at One Military Hospital. She did her community service at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital. While working in the Emergency Department of Steve Biko Academic Hospital, dr Joubert completed her diploma in Emergency Medicine. She also received a Post Graduate Diploma with Distinction in Diabetes at the University of South Wales.

Dr Nadia Joubert is a trusted general practitioner and diabetologist. In addition, she worked for two years at a diabetic practice before starting her practice treating persons with diabetes. Sister Louise Pywell is a Diabetic Educator and part of the practice, together with Dr Engela Niesing.

Diabetes Specialist

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